When are non-essential shops opening again?

11 March 2021, 14:39

Non-essentials shops reopening: The public ask questions about shopping after lockdown. Picture: PA

By Zoe Adams

When are non-essential shops reopening again in England? As Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown continues, here's when you can potentially go shopping again.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has layed out a roadmap out of lockdown following the success of the coronavirus vaccine - but when will non-essential shops reopen again?

With schools officially open again and socialising with others being the next top priority for the government, people are wondering when we could see our local and high street shops reopening after months of closures.

Pubs and restaurants are expected to be some of the last establishments to open in the lockdown roadmap along with hairdressers and barbers, as Boris Johnson confirmed this easing of restrictions will be extremely "cautious".

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So when will non-essential shops open in England and the UK? What shops are allowed to open in lockdown? Here’s the latest.

England's high street has faced months of closures following strict lockdown rules. Picture: PA

When will non-essential shops open again?

At present, Boris Johnson and his government have said non-essential shops, including clothing, furniture and beauty - will open around 12 April but no earlier.

In the lockdown roadmap documents, it’s expected non-essential shops will remain closed for another month and if the four tests Boris Johnson has set are continuously met, shops and retail can open around this date. However, this is subject to assessment of the previous four weeks data around the vaccine and coronavirus rates.

Plans for the reopening of non-essential shops in Wales, Scotland and Ireland are also yet to be announced.

Essential shops including food suppliers and pharmacies have been allowed to stay open. Picture: PA

What shops can stay open in lockdown?

Not all shops were forced to close for lockdown as ‘essential’ shops were allowed to continue running, with coronavirus rules in place.

Shops that have continued to work include supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, building suppliers, mechanics, banks and Post Offices.

Some shops have also managed to operate a ‘click and collect’ system since lockdown began at the beginning of January 2021.