Corbyn Supporter Complains James O'Brien Called Him A Cultist, It Doesn't Go Well

14 September 2018, 13:50

James O'Brien held an hour's discussion on anti-Semitism within the Conservative Party. So when a Corbyn-supporter called in to complain about James' unfair treatment of the Labour leader, James didn't hold back.

Despite a whole hour of James being critical of the Conservative MEPs being the only ruling right-wing party to back Hungary's fascist regime in a vote in the European Parliament.

So he was baffled when Michael called in to say that James only ever concentrates on problems with Jeremy Corbyn and never on the Tory Party.

Michael said: "We've listened to the countless attacks the media have portrayed about Jeremy Corbyn. Including yourself because let's be honest, your representation of Jeremy Corbyn in the anti-Semitism row has been a lot louder than the other rows going on in the Conservative Party."

But James told him that was "absolute hogwash", adding: "This is the problem when you can't see how well City are playing because you are so slavishly devoted to United."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Michael then asked why James had described followers of Corbyn as being in a cult and that's when James had the perfect answer: "No I haven't. I've portrayed slavish people who admit no criticism of Jeremy Corbyn as cultish and foolish.

"What they do is they ring a radio programme dedicated to criticising the Conservative Party any they start whining and moaning about people who criticise Jeremy Corbyn.

"Can you think about any examples?"

Afterwards, James summed up the lunacy of the call, saying: "What are you going to do today? 'Oh, there's a bloke on the radio really sticking it to the Tories for being anti-Semitic and hypocritical.' So what are you going to do? 'I'm going to ring in and have a go at the fact that he sometimes criticises Jeremy Corbyn.'"