James O’Brien’s Stinging Message For Trump Supporters After His Syria U-Turn

10 October 2019, 15:32

James O'Brien told British Trump supporters they've "finally seen the whites of his eyes" in a reaction to the President removing military from Syria.

"How did Trump end up as a self-confessed sex offender with incredible far-right sympathies and a long, long history of absolutely stone-cold racism?

How did he end up winning the support of people?" James O'Brien said, talking to Trump's supporters in Britain "who are presumably still not embarrassed for Trump."

James said the President won support in a "really easy way - he inflated and sold the notion to all British supporters all Muslims are your enemy. Back in America he had to chuck in Mexicans because there weren't many Muslims in America."

He said that Trump's message was "They're all your enemy, they're going to nick your jobs, they might kill you as well, and they're criminals and scumbags."

James O'Brien: "Now Trump has facilitated the release of actual Islamic terrorists.". Picture: PA

"British people who like Donald Trump, despicable though that position is and always has been and always will be, British people who like Donald Trump bought into the myth that he would protect them from Islamist terror."

James continued: "If that's too sophisticated for your tiny little brain, it wasn't just protection from Islamist terror he was selling, he was going to punish those pesky Muslims. Remember? 'I'm going to ban them from my country'.

"You liked him because your enemy's enemy is your friend, right?"

James said: "Now he has essentially fired the starting pistol for a bombardment and a ground war that will see Islamic state terrorists escape from prison.

"In answer to the question of how could you possibly countenance that, British/European admirers have finally seen the whites of his eyes. So you offered him support because you bought into the bigoted, racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric of alt-right commentary.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tweeted: "I’ve spoken to my Turkish counterpart to express the UK’s disappointment...about the military incursion into NE Syria". Picture: PA

"Donald Trump cast himself as the Cnut of it to stop the wave, and now he has facilitated the release of actual Islamic terrorists."

James played Trump's response to how he could have agreed to this, which began "Well they're going to be escaping to Europe - that's where they want to go."

James said all the phone-ins, editorials and online commentary "explaining about how awful Islamic State is and how the threat of it somehow infiltrating Europe was a very strong reason to get out of the European Union" has been made entirely redundant.

"Now your hero is essentially boasting about releasing terrorists into Europe."

Watch the monologue above.